Roof Ventilation: Does My Home Need It?

Monday, March 12th, 2018 by Tony Lupo

One thing to determine when aquiring a new roof for your home is if your roof requires ventilation, and if so, what kind? What does ventilation do? Roofing ventilation is used to dissipate and adapt to the seasons climate and maintain consistent temperatures, such as preventing ice dams in the winter, and maintaining air flow in the summer to relieve strain on your air conditioning units. To determine if your home requires roof ventilation, first we look at the soffit; is the soffit itself ventilated? If so this is a prime requirement for roof ventilation. Next we determine what type of ventilation your roofing application requires. Ridge vent is a great option and offers the highest flowing capabalities as opposed to can vents and turbines. Ridge vent stretches along the entire peak of the roof, which gives a maximum flow rate to match a ventilated soffit. Although this is the prime choice for ventilating a roof, sometimes the roof's ridge is too small to offer air flow to its peak. This is when can vents are used. Can vents are evenly spaced on the roofs gable to ensure proper and sufficient exhaust air flow. Coverall Construction is an Owen's Corning preferred contractor and through the years has used Owen's Corning techniques for roof ventilation for your home application to ensure a product that is above the gold standard.

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